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I’ve been under the care of Chris  and I’ve had various issues to deal with primarily I was stuck in a toxic relationship with an unfaithful partner and a deep emotional attachment to her children. In addition to this I’ve suffered bouts of severe social anxiety that has seen me completely close myself off from my friends and family, this has on more than one occasion made me physically ill. I come from a military background and have carried for many years a fear of loud noises and confined spaces. In my youth I found myself using recreational drugs and become a heavy smoker and drinker, I’ve had issues for years with sleeping and a general noisy mind.

My relationship was my primary concern! Chris offered me in depth counselling offering me head space to think which was something I needed more than anything. I was at first very skeptical of hypnosis as I didn’t see how it all worked but after one session from Chris my perspective totally changed. In a matter of a few sessions my outlook on my issues totally changed and I could think with clarity for the first time in years.

In under 4 months my life has changed significantly for the better! My thought processes have totally changed…my outlook has completely changed.

Issue by issue following Chris’s guidance and with his unwavering support I’ve found myself free in my own mind. My life has made a full 180 degree change of direction!

I’m free of the toxic relationship. Chris supported me in making the right decisions for all involved – I can safely say without this support I’m certain I was heading for a full emotional breakdown. He’s helped me through the grieving process and brought me through to the other side. Now looking back I don’t know how I managed to last so long being so unhappy.

I’ve beaten a 20 year smoking habit – I’ve beaten sleeping issues that have plagued my life for over ten years – I drink responsibly and most importantly I’ve got my physical and mental health in a condition I’ve not ever known.

I’ve left my past behind me and now look to the future with great optimism.



Anxiety, Life is Magic and Smoking: Back in March 2018 I decided to speak to Viking to Help me get my life back on track after suffering from low self-esteem and on/off depression for years. Although slightly dubious at first as to how things would work out I gave it a go and soon realised this was the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve been transformed from feeling I had no direction and confidence to getting the job I’ve wanted for years. I have better relationships with friends and family , feeling the most positive I’ve ever been and feeling completely in control of my life. As part of my ongoing desire to improve my life. I stopped smoking with the help from Viking Hypnotherapy in March 2019 and haven’t as much touched a cigarette since. I was blown away by how easy it’s been to quit. I have changed so many parts of my life for the better and even now looking back I’m amazed at how easily I’ve done this but it’s all been down to Viking Hypnotherapy.

To say I recommend Chris highly would be a huge understatement! I’ve now got my life back, I feel in control and even kicked an addiction along the way.



Anxiety and Fear of Flying: I went to see Chris for my fear of flying, After speaking with Chris in my first appointment. It was explained to me that I was suffering with Anxiety, in addition to the fear of flying. After having a few sessions with Chris I am now anxiety medication free and flying next week for the first time in years and looking forward to it. I feel generally a lot calmer and relaxed and I’ve not had one palpitation. I would  highly recommend this service.



Anxiety: I went to see Chris as i’d suffered from anxiety for a number of years. Apart from work i hardly left the house and I dreaded social events. I had made an appointment at the doctors as I felt that medication was the only way forward. My husband then recommended going to see Chris before I made this decision. I was very nervous before my first session and had a panic attack just before the session. Chris was brilliant and he put me at ease straight away and really calmed me down. I really enjoyed the session and felt so much lighter afterwards. Mentally I feel stronger and I haven’t had any panic attacks since. I have been out several times socially since I’ve never had any uneasy feeling beforehand. I have planned lots of days and nights out for the future which I’m really looking forward to. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone. He can’t do enough and is always on hand if you need the support.



Child Anxiety( Missing School) : My daughter came to Viking Therapy after suffering Anxiety and started missing a lot of school around one day a week. She refused to engage with CAMHS. Since having a session she has now had nine full weeks at school. Her anxieties have lessened and she is feeling a lot more confident in School. She was at ease during the session and I was present with her as she’s 13, she talked openly to Chris. Talking about things I had not heard her talk about. I would definitely recommend this service. I have since returned for another session to increase her confidence and would not hesitate to return in the future. I would like to Thanks Chris for all of his Help.



Child Anxiety: I took my 9 year old son to see Chris to get some Help with his anxiety problems. Chris is great with kids and really made him feel at ease and to open up about his problems. Since he has been hypnotised by Chris he has been a lot better and a lot calmer. Anger was his usual way of dealing with his problems and this has now been replaced with him coming and talking about his problems rather than lashing out. I can’t Thank Chris enough and I’m amazed 1 session has been enough to Help a young, confused child.



The Secret to easy weight loss: As someone who struggles with their weight and eating all the wrong things I needed help with sticking to a Healthy eating plan motivating myself to exercise. After my Body war program my mind-set totally changed and I was determined to shift the weight. In the 3 months I spent doing Body War I lost 22lbs and 20.6 inches all over my body and came down 3 dress sizes, Chris has helped me so much and is there for Help and advice and really motivated me.

South Shields


Life is magic: I’m currently receiving the Magic treatment from Chris and I can not recommend it enough. As soon as I met Chris I liked him and felt myself able to open up to him so easily. He supports you and advises you whenever you ask for help and my life has massively began to change because of it. I have left my job of 5 years to start up my own business just like he said I would. He has faith in you which makes you have faith in yourself. My anxiety has since practically vanished and I start the day with a spring in my step and it is all down to him. I’m so thankful for everything he has done.



Life is magic: My first appointment I booked was for smoking and I would say I’m normally on edge meeting people for the first time. On meeting Chris he made me feel relaxed and ease and he is really easy to talk to I did not think this would work but totally shocked and it’s been 10 month since I have smoked. I started to look at other things I could change and booked an appointment for anxiety. I was worrying about my family and everything else that was going on in my life, everything changed instantly and I have never had those worrying thoughts again. I decided to take the jump and book the Life is Magic course, I live in the countryside and I now see the world in a different way I feel so awake and in tune with nature.

I now have confidence I never thought I would have and changed my job twice in the last few months and increasing my income, I am now looking forward to the future and life now. I would definitely recommend this journey to anyone big Thank you to Chris on helping me turn my life around.

South Shields


Life is magic:When I first came to see Chris, I felt lost in myself and didn’t know what to make of life. Each day was consistently this same grey blur and I used to live to work. Were as now Chris has awakened me and now, I work to live my life the way I want to. I’m much more aware of my surroundings and I feel grounded. I would 100% recommend Chris to anybody who feels they have lost their way a bit in life, I couldn’t be more grateful to Chris.

Whitley Bay


Alcohol moderation: Since my visit to Viking Hypnotherapy I am now able to reduce the amount of alcohol that I consume weekly. I would have considered myself a weekend binge drinker but I feel now that I have much more control and the ability to know when to stop. I also now have regular breaks from alcohol and have started to buy zero alcohol drinks to curb my alcohol intake. I have hangover free weekends and I would definitely recommend a visit.



I have suffered with fibromyalgia for many years, diagnosed 3 years ago but in the last year have been very poorly with it. After trying many medications and massages all without much success I was becoming increasingly depressed.

Not leaving the house, in constant pain, going many days without sleep or sleeping all the time. The widespread pain would not be relieved with any tablets or creams. I had decided I wasn’t going to medicate anymore as that in itself was causing me problems with my memory loss and weight gain. Just by chance someone I knew recommended me to Chris after seeing an article saying hypnotherapy was an alternative way of dealing with fybro symptoms.

Well what can I say!? Chris has changed my life! After 3 sessions I am like a new person – pain free, headache free, I sleep every night with no issues, no need for napping in the day, I have conquered some food issues I had surrounding the depression and I genuinely feel fantastic! I really have a new lease of life.

I would recommend and done this already, Chris to anyone. He’s a top bloke, puts you at ease and really gets all the info out of you he needs in an informal, relaxed way! Thanks so much once again – 5 stars from me.

10 yr old girl & 46 yr old woman


RR – 10 years old girl started to pull and twist her hair out at the root leaving an extensive and noticeable bald path. Bullying being the instigator, we weren’t sure what to expect but we persevered (we noticed a difference before she did) and over time the picking and pulling out of hair stopped and new hair grew in. She still touches her head but have seen no pulling out of hair.

AR – 46 year old woman, Early menopause resulting in emotional state mostly anger. Found the relaxation technique beneficial to calm, outlook has changed somewhat – I think it was learning a better coping mechanism.



I contacted Chris about helping me with job interview anxiety. I knew I could do the job but felt that my nerves were going to get the better of me on the day.

Chris was really friendly and put me at ease straight away, I was also impressed with how genuinely interested he seemed in wanting to help me.

Chris started the session by asking me about my issues and what my end goal was. I had trouble remaining calm when even just chatting about the interview to anyone so it was great to feel so relaxed whilst discussing it with Chris. During the session he asked me to visualise attending the interview as a calm and confident candidate, whilst teaching me a technique I could use on the day if I felt overwhelmed.

I used the technique a couple of times throughout the interview and could feel myself becoming immediately more grounded and in control. I can’t thank Chris enough for his help in getting me my dream job.



The treatment has turned me around from being down to back to my old self again. Sleep is now much better (after suffering with insomnia & depression) I’m feeling more motivated and better in myself.



5 stars – excellent made me feel very welcome and felt at ease, never really believed in hypnotherapy until I went to a session. I would definitely recommend Viking Hypnotherapy, top class.



My appointments with Chris covered life coaching, I’ve always has problems with confidence, public speaking and focus. After my session everything in my life has changed for the better, I can’t thank Chris enough – 5 stars!



Really nervous as I knew nothing about hypnotherapy, Chris makes you feel relaxed and I can safely say I won’t be smoking again.

Viking Hypnotherapy


If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, I kindly ask that you give me at least 48 hours notice so I can have time to re-schedule another client otherwise you may be charged.

All major debit/credit cards accepted.

Under 16 year old’s must be accompanied by an adult at all times during sessions.