1: What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a Therapy that utilises the power of positive suggestion to bring about subconscious change to our thought’s feelings and behaviours. It is safe and effective and has successfully helped people overcome a vast range of conditions emotionally, mentally and physically.

2: What is NLP?

Neuro-linguistic programming is an approach to communication, personal development and psychotherapy. This will help enhance performance, control your emotional state and stay focused on what you want in life.

3: What is Trance?

Trance is a half-conscious state characterized by an absence of response to external stimuli typically induced through hypnosis.

4: Can anyone be hypnotised?

Everyone can be hypnotised however you can’t be hypnotised against your will. Watching television or being completely immersed in a movie is a form of hypnosis.

5: Will I still be in control of myself?

You are in complete control of yourself, you will not say or do anything against your will. If you are not comfortable sharing information Hypnotherapy is a great way of getting to the root cause of the problem, so you don’t need to divulge anything you are not comfortable with.

6: What should I expect from my session?

Expect a real positive experience and that you’ve made a true investment in to your health and well being. What happens during each individual session is specific to the clients needs. We will find out the route cause of your problem then move on to your Hypnotherapy session. Sessions last around one hour twenty to two hours depending on the treatment you require.

7: How many sessions will I need?

I am very confident that each individual issue can be resolved in one session. There is no need for block bookings. We will get to the route cause of the issue within your session. Book with a company you can trust with many years experience and five star reviews.

8: Price list

Congratulations you have made the first step in making a true investment in your Health & Well being. At Viking Hypnotherapy we believe that you will find The Strength to Conquer anything in your life through your treatment.

There are no hidden costs please choose from the 3 options below.

1: Master clinical Hypnotherapy Online Zoom session. £100.

2: Master clinical Hypnotherapy and coaching session. Covering the one issue you would like to focus on. £149. This session can be offered face to face at our Benton office or at an online Zoom appointment.

3: NLP psychotherapy and Master clinical Hypnotherapy session. Get to the route cause and over come many issues in this session £199. This session can be offered face to face or at an online Zoom appointment.

9: How do I pay?

Due to high demand for our appointments clients will need to pay a deposit or in full 72 hours after there initial booking to secure there session. This payment can be made by bank transfer or PayPal.

10: What is the cancellation policy?

Clients will need to give at least 24 hours notice of cancellation or will result in charge of session fee.