I am Chris Morton the founder of Viking Hypnotherapy. A qualified professional Master clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Performance coach with many years of experience.

I am practicing across the world online and at my office in Benton, Newcastle, UK. I am extremely passionate about my work and I have helped countless people overcome the greatest obstacles that they may have faced in there lives.

Hypnotherapy and NLP are natural safe and relaxing and can help you to achieve your goals quickly, easily and effortlessly. I have worked with a wide range of clients from all walks of life. Offering them individual assessments and suggested approaches to suit their exact needs.

A session will last around one hour twenty minutes to two hours. This is depending on the treatment you require and are held in a pleasant and safe environment. Where you can feel comfortable and talk openly in complete confidence. Using advanced Hypnotherapy techniques I can help bring greater clarity, health and well being back in to your life.

Helping you to feel focused and back in control again.

For further information and to book an appointment with a qualified Master Hypnotherapist in Newcastle, please callĀ 07871129997 or email [email protected]