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Part 4 of the ‘Change your words, change your life’ series is the ‘Secret to Release Anxiety

Are you fighting feelings of worry? Do you feel increasingly anxious and tense? Do you obsess about things that may or may not happen?

We live in a society where great demands and responsibilities are placed upon us. More and more people are showing signs of overwhelm, which leads to anxiety and stress, significantly harming quality of life and well-being.

About one in seven people are suffering from anxiety at any one time in the UK.  The symptoms are created as a result of negative thinking, whether it’s negative feelings about the past, constant worrying about what might or might not happen in the future or being overly self-critical.

Release and resolve your anxiety today with Viking Hypnotherapy’s ‘Change your words, change your life’ series, the secret to release anxiety.

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1 review for Secret to Release Anxiety MP3

  1. Glen Walker (verified owner)

    I downloaded the anxiety program four weeks ago as there didn’t seem to be much help other then ringing the doctors. I was having severe anxiety attacks on an evening and a constant fear of death. The panic was truly horrendous and I’m now back on my feet as this program has giving my life back. I think the MP3 is amazing and I listen to it every day. The eBook has helped me recognise that I can control any old triggers. I used to say to my friends and family My Anxiety as though I owned it or it was a permanent part of me. The anxiety has lifted and its just not there anymore and practicing the mindfulness teqniques has taken away any fear of death. Funny how your mind works if you let it take over, Thankyou for making my days so much brighter.

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