Secret to Easy Weight Loss MP3

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Part 1 of the ‘Change your words, change your life’ series is the ‘Secret to Easy Weight Loss.

Being over weight puts you at greater risk of serious illness, including diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers and death.

Are you ready to lose weight?

Do you want to learn the Secret to finally shed your excess body fat while keeping your hard-earned muscle?

Now is the time to start losing weight safely and effectively with Viking Hypnotherapy’s MP3 download and useful eBook, containing easy-to-follow healthy yips and tricks that will turn your body into a fat burning machine.

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7 reviews for Secret to Easy Weight Loss MP3

  1. Helen Walker (verified owner)

    I wasn’t keen on joining my local weight loss group with Covid19 so I had a good look online to see what was available. I purchased The Secret to Easy weight loss and I am so pleased I did. It has so much information and I love intermittent fasting. I’m getting more done in the morning and feel I have more energy eating my food in a eight hour window. I’ve lost three lbs every week totaling in twenty one pounds. I think the Tale of the Tape is an excellent way of keeping track with inches lost as well.

  2. Hardeep Nandhra (verified owner)

    I have stopped going to the drive through every day, I have stopped ordering Chinese most nights, I have stopped eating sweets all night on the sofa. I am actually going shopping and planning out my meals. The secret to easy weight loss has flipped a switch in my head and I’ve taken back control. This is a life changer.

  3. A Swallow (verified owner)

    I’m a big fan of Hypnotherapy recordings and I can honestly say this is the best I’ve heard. I love how deep it takes me in to hypnosis and how visual the experience is with the added sound effects its made some profound changes. I’ve stopped eating my daily huge bag of crisps and snacking on sweets all day. The urge is not there anymore I will follow and complete this whole program without fail.

  4. Brandon Foster (verified owner)

    I bought the easy weight loss program and my wife decided to support me and do it as well. I was skeptical at first as I don’t know much about Hypnosis but my scales tell a positive story. We have lost 19lbs between us in 2 weeks she’s slightly in the lead and we are having fun doing it. We are enjoying our afternoon walks together and I like listening to the mp3 before bed. I want to express my gratitude for your help so far.

  5. Josh Bowen (verified owner)

    This is the easiest weight loss program, I fast on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the inches and weight are melting away. I suppose its in the title EASY! I’m at the half way mark and I cant believe the difference in my photos. I’m sleeping so much better and enjoying lifting weights 3 days per week. Its nice to get a lot of compliments which is keeping me motivated.

  6. Thomas Davidson (verified owner)

    I’ve gained so much weight during this pandemic just living on pizza and beer I’m actually ashamed that most of my clothes don’t fit me. I had to do something but I wanted to just do it myself at home, so I bought the secret to easy weight loss. Listening to the hypnosis has giving me so much motivation and confidence. I walk for 1 hour every morning now through the week and go for bigger walks on a weekend and I’ve just bought some hiking shoes. I like how you can relax on a weekend I do the 3 day fast but I still have pizza and beer on Saturday and a Sunday roast.

    I’ve lost so many inches but mainly of my stomach I’m 7.5” down and I’ll be at my goal weight in a few weeks. Anyone who has issues with food give this a shot.

  7. Dennis Hickford (verified owner)

    The secret to easy weight loss is amazing.

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