Life is Magic

A tailored Hypnotherapy coaching session with a monthly check in over 90 days for support and advice.

This life coaching session aims to release anything from your past that could be holding you back, loss of drive or focus and not knowing where your heading in life. Waking you up so you’re in tune with nature and grounding you so you know where your heading in life

Focusing on, Health, Family, Finances, Relationships, career, Living in the NOW!

1st session releasing anything that’s been holding you back and focusing on your new goals giving you the confidence, skills and tools to change your Life.

2nd session you will return after 2 weeks After completing your coaching homework and you know exactly what you want in life, we will use Spiral Dynamics Hypnotherapy treatment which will take you to your finishing line and changing your Life for the better.

Contact Newcastle hypnotherapy specialists at Viking Hypnotherapy to book your ‘Life is Magic’ program.

Programs are priced at £199 this includes two x 2 hour Hypnotherapy and Coaching sessions with support over the 90 days of your journey (payment can be split in to 2 installments over your appointments).