Create and maintain a healthier working environment with Viking Hypnotherapy.

A happier, healthier workforce is better equipped to manage workloads more effectively, deal with change and difficult situations that may arise and can improve productivity and performance. Boost your employee’s mental health and improve your organisations reputation in the process.

Viking Hypnotherapy is an award-winning company seeking to help clients with emotional, physical and psychological wellbeing. Hypnotherapy is a natural and safe therapy that utilises the power of suggestion to bring about subconscious change to a client’s thoughts, feelings and behaviours with a unique approach to communication, personal development and psychotherapy.

 1 in 6 workers will experience Depression, Anxiety or problems relating to Stress at any one time. Poor mental health accounts for 70 million lost working days each year in the UK – this is a major cost for employers.

We have seen fantastic results in as little as one session and have helped with numerous issues ranging from Anger, Anxiety, Confidence and Low Self Esteem, Depression, Fears & Phobias, Performance and Motivation and Stress. Supporting your employees get back to work after suffering bouts of sickness.

Viking Hypnotherapy’s therapist has extensive training and is extremely passionate about their work and the outcome of the therapy. Providing professional support in a pleasant and safe environment where you can talk openly and in complete confidence. Fully qualified in the following:

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Master Hypnotherapy

Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP Practitioner

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CBT Practitioner

Life Coaching

Mental Health First Aider

Or you can boost all of your employees mental health and improve your organisations reputation in the process with a huge discounted rate for an individual session for all of your employees. Please get in touch for further details.

Monthly packages available with no annual commitment.

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We offer a wide range of hypnotherapy services if there is something you don’t see on our website please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.