Bodywar 90 Weight Loss Program

Are you at war with your body? Do you want to lose weight? Sick of drowning in information and getting nowhere?

Bodywar 90 is a weight loss program that creates lasting changes through combined Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching. Tackling the clients weight and fitness on a subconscious level. This program has the key to unlock your weight loss goals giving you the confidence and motivation you need.

1st session getting to the root cause of your eating issues giving you the motivation to stick to the program and exercise motivation.

2nd session you will return after 4 weeks to weigh in and judge your progress and for your second part of your Spiral Dynamics hypnotherapy treatment which will take you to your finishing line and goal weight.

Programs are priced at £199 this includes two x 2 hour Hypnotherapy and Coaching sessions with support over the 90 days of your journey (payment can be split in to 2 installments over your appointments).