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I’ve been under the care of Chris  for a period covering approximately 5 months. I’ve had various issues to deal with primarily I was stuck in a toxic relationship with an unfaithful partner and a deep emotional attachment to her children. In addition to this I’ve suffered bouts of severe social anxiety that has seen me completely close myself off from my friends and family, this has on more than one occasion made me physically ill. I come from a military background and have carried for many years a fear of loud noises and confined spaces. In my youth I found myself using recreational drugs and become a heavy smoker and drinker, I’ve had issues for years with sleeping and a general noisy mind.

My relationship was my primary concern! Chris offered me in depth counselling offering me head space to think which was something I needed more than anything. I was at first very skeptical of hypnosis as I didn’t see how it all worked but after one session from Chris my perspective totally changed. In a matter of a few sessions my outlook on my issues totally changed and I could think with clarity for the first time in years.

In under 4 months my life has changed significantly for the better! My thought processes have totally changed…my outlook has completely changed.

Issue by issue following Chris’s guidance and with his unwavering support I’ve found myself free in my own mind. My life has made a full 180 degree change of direction!

I’m free of the toxic relationship. Chris supported me in making the right decisions for all involved – I can safely say without this support I’m certain I was heading for a full emotional breakdown. He’s helped me through the grieving process and brought me through to the other side. Now looking back I don’t know how I managed to last so long being so unhappy.

I’ve beaten a 20 year smoking habit – I’ve beaten sleeping issues that have plagued my life for over ten years – I drink responsibly and most importantly I’ve got my physical and mental health in a condition I’ve not ever known.

I’ve left my past behind me and now look to the future with great optimism.



I have suffered with fibromyalgia for many years, diagnosed 3 years ago but in the last year have been very poorly with it. After trying many medications and massages all without much success I was becoming increasingly depressed.

Not leaving the house, in constant pain, going many days without sleep or sleeping all the time. The widespread pain would not be relieved with any tablets or creams. I had decided I wasn’t going to medicate anymore as that in itself was causing me problems with my memory loss and weight gain. Just by chance someone I knew recommended me to Chris after seeing an article saying hypnotherapy was an alternative way of dealing with fybro symptoms.

Well what can I say!? Chris has changed my life! After 3 sessions I am like a new person – pain free, headache free, I sleep every night with no issues, no need for napping in the day, I have conquered some food issues I had surrounding the depression and I genuinely feel fantastic! I really have a new lease of life.

I would recommend and done this already, Chris to anyone. He’s a top bloke, puts you at ease and really gets all the info out of you he needs in an informal, relaxed way! Thanks so much once again – 5 stars from me.

10 yr old girl & 46 yr old woman


RR – 10 years old girl started to pull and twist her hair out at the root leaving an extensive and noticeable bald path. Bullying being the instigator, we weren’t sure what to expect but we persevered (we noticed a difference before she did) and over time the picking and pulling out of hair stopped and new hair grew in. She still touches her head but have seen no pulling out of hair.

AR – 46 year old woman, Early menopause resulting in emotional state mostly anger. Found the relaxation technique beneficial to calm, outlook has changed somewhat – I think it was learning a better coping mechanism.



I contacted Chris about helping me with job interview anxiety. I knew I could do the job but felt that my nerves were going to get the better of me on the day.

Chris was really friendly and put me at ease straight away, I was also impressed with how genuinely interested he seemed in wanting to help me.

Chris started the session by asking me about my issues and what my end goal was. I had trouble remaining calm when even just chatting about the interview to anyone so it was great to feel so relaxed whilst discussing it with Chris. During the session he asked me to visualise attending the interview as a calm and confident candidate, whilst teaching me a technique I could use on the day if I felt overwhelmed.

I used the technique a couple of times throughout the interview and could feel myself becoming immediately more grounded and in control. I can’t thank Chris enough for his help in getting me my dream job.



The treatment has turned me around from being down to back to my old self again. Sleep is now much better (after suffering with insomnia & depression) I’m feeling more motivated and better in myself.



5 stars – excellent made me feel very welcome and felt at ease, never really believed in hypnotherapy until I went to a session. I would definitely recommend Viking Hypnotherapy, top class.



My appointments with Chris covered life coaching, I’ve always has problems with confidence, public speaking and focus. After my session everything in my life has changed for the better, I can’t thank Chris enough – 5 stars!



Really nervous as I knew nothing about hypnotherapy, Chris makes you feel relaxed and I can safely say I won’t be smoking again.

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If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, I kindly ask that you give me at least 48 hours notice so I can have time to re-schedule another client otherwise you may be charged.

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